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I aim to write about my work here regularly with pics. I might post stuff randomly about things I like too!

By Peter Hamillton, Oct 9 2012 07:18PM

Just a reminder to folks about my memory box frames which can be made to order! I have changed the front page of my website so I'm adding the memory box image here. I love making them and they are great for keepsakes from special occasions. Weddings or christenings spring to mind!

By Peter Hamillton, Apr 11 2012 08:32PM

The header of my website gives a brief explanation but I thought I would give a more detailed description of who the Beatniks were and why I've used the name for my business! Beatniks were arty types in the early sixties and were originally called the Beat generation. Most famous were Jack Kerouak and Allen Ginsberg who were both writers and had a big influence on Bob Dylan and the Grenwhich Village scene in New York. Alot of it was that I really like the word Beatnik and thought it was catchy but I also liked that it was a movement to do with self expression and sort of thought it fitted in well with the aims of my business. I wanted to provide frames that were hand crafted and different to what was available in the shops too so it fit well. Also the Beatnik posters for gigs etc. are really cool and helped me with the design of my website and logo! Check out the ones below and see if you can see the influence?

By Peter Hamillton, Apr 6 2012 07:53PM

So this is my first blog and I've decided to give you a quick tour of my workshop accompanied with pics. My workshop has a little display room next to it where I have frame sample to show customers. Its on the right in the first picture and the open door is my workshop. I'll show you my display room properly in another blog!

In the second pic is some of the wood I have in stock at the moment. Its mostly oak and ash but I have some poplar and sapele in too. Its all rough sawn so it doesnt look that great in this state but ....

Third picture is of the machine I use to make the wood nice and useable. Its a planer thicknesser and it makes the wood nice and smooth and also means you can make every piece the same thickness. This means I can buy offcuts from timber yards, all the bits that wouldnt get used otherwise. I pride myself on doing something a bit different from other framers in that I make my frames straight from real wood. As far as I know theres no-one else in Liverpool doing this (correct me if I'm wrong!) I really enjoy using real wood and I think it has a real quality too it that hopefully sets the frames apart from off the shelf ones. Theres a more detailed section on the site on how I make the frames (see Proccess) if your interested. Well thats pretty much everything I have to say for now. Stay tuned for more soon!

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